Toes 2 Nose was created by me – Sarah Hendry, wife, mother of 2 girls, and a cat and a dog!I am a people-person. I love children and I’m passionate about ensuring we as individuals look after our own wellbeing so that we can create happy fulfilled experiences and cater for all our children’s needs to the best of our ability.

I have over 20 years experience of working with young children and families, from working/managing different childcare settings to supporting and helping families of all different backgrounds within their homes and communities.

In 2003 I trained to teach Infant massage as part of my role within a (Ofsted registered) Children’s Centre. From there on I loved seeing the amazing benefits that massage provided and at this point I enjoyed learning about and experiencing Holistic therapies for myself. So I trained and qualified to become a practitioner of Swedish-body and Indian-head massage.

In 2011 I left work to have my second child and took this as the perfect opportunity to create my own business which I have called Toes 2 Nose!

Why Toes 2 Nose I hear you say? Well, when you massage a baby for the first time you always start with their feet and work your way up the body, this is to encourage trust and respect before you reach their chest. The chest area is their personal boundary. Imagine someone approaching you and starting to massage your chest before anywhere else. This would be quite intimidating!

So for me, my business title is a symbol of trust and respect!

I soon identified that once families had attended my 5 week Baby massage course they wanted more!!!

In 2014 I trained as a Parent and Baby Yoga teacher and offer 5 week courses to run alongside the Baby massage.

My enjoyment and passion for working with parents/carers and children has been ongoing. And when parents started to comment that they wished to have a massage too, I decided to incorporate my holistic therapies and specialise in Pregnancy massage – providing a full package from before birth to beyond infancy.