Baby Yoga

Parent & Baby Yoga is a lovely activity for you to share and enjoy with your baby, having fun whilst doing gentle exercise. I became a practitioner in this medium via Touch Learn, a UK based training company, that specialises in courses for babies and toddlers.

This course is also held over 5 weeks in local venues and as above, has a maximum of 8 spaces to keep the classes as relaxing as possible. The classes are also an hour long, although I say this loosely, as the sessions do tend to get a little longer each week – as we add on more stretches!

As with the Baby massage the course is friendly and informal. Although structured, it is baby-led.

This means that there may be some sessions where you may not get the chance to do your own stretches and relaxation, if your baby needs attending to, (don’t let this worry you as we will go over everything each week, and you can obviously practice at home using weekly handouts)… dolls are available to practice on if baby is asleep.

A plastic folder will be provided to all parents/carers to put weekly handouts in. We will learn songs and rhymes to make the sessions as interactive as possible. Soft relaxing music is played in the background and a doTERRA oil diffuser will also be utilised to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Each weekly session begins with parents learning a different yoga breathing technique and gentle stretches. We then learn baby yoga stretches and safe standing and holding positions, which include exercises with your baby. After a chat and time to feed we revisit our parent yoga breathing techniques and stretches and end with a relaxation session.

Yoga mats are provided, although You may need a muslin or a towel to mop up if your baby tends to bring up a bit of milk after feeding!


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