Nurturing you and your baby from pre-conception and beyond. Whether you have decided to try for a baby, are expecting a baby or have had a baby, I can support you through this magical journey!

Toes 2 Nose offers Holistic treatments for ladies who would like to re-balance their body’s emotional and physical needs in preparation for trying for a baby, during-pregnancy and after-pregnancy.

Utilising therapies such as Reflexology, Indian Head massage, & Swedish body massage is a great way to relax your mind and body. Combined with pure, safe, essential oils creates a positive feeling of wellness; all required when preparing your body to grow a little human!!!

During pregnancy your body will be working much harder than usual, and you may experience lots of changes that will impact on your everyday life. Pregnancy massage is wonderful for relieving all those aches, pains, swellings, tension and anxiety.

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Not pregnant then hold on right there!!! I also offer holistic therapies for men & women – please see my price list for information on treatments.

Want to know more about Essential oils and how they can change your life; your families health and your environment for the better? Come along to one of my monthly classes –  fun, informal, educational sessions held at my home – booking essential!

Congratulations Baby is here!

A new chapter of your life! Baby is here, and you want to do what’s best for your tiny bundle right from the start.Let’s put things into perspective. You have a new baby, your life has changed dramatically, whether you’re a first-time mum or mum of 4 – having a baby is hard work and can be exhausting!

It can all be a bit overwhelming and the thought of going somewhere new surrounded by lots of other parents and babies can be quite daunting! Fear not this may be the one for you….

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga courses are a great place to start as they are specifically aimed at babies from 8 weeks old to the rolling over stage, (approx. 7 months).

The sessions have a structured content but are run informally and are baby led, with a maximum of 8 babies in each class.

So, if you’re weighing-up baby class options you might want to consider what you will gain out of the sessions. Below is a list of what Toes 2 Nose courses offer you and your baby:

  • Spend quality one-to-one time bonding with your baby in a safe, calm non-judgmental environment.
  • Learn skills that will promote their all-round development.
  • Relieve common complaints such as colic, trapped wind and constipation.
  • Learn to understand your baby’s body language and communicate with ease.
  • Meet other parents/carers with babies of the same age, have time to chat and share ideas & experiences

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